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RE/STAR Real Estate Ltd. (branch)
Real Estate Franchise Organization
Hauptstr. 29-31 , DE-50996 Cologne,  (Germany)

Phone: +49 (0) 221 93 44 44 22
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Responsibility for the content of this website is the RE/STAR Real Estate Ltd.

The RE/STAR Real Estate Ltd is a company with limited liability of british rights. It is entered in the commercial registry of the district court of Cologne under the number HRB 58303.
The managing partner is Dimitrios Karpathiotakis (Director).

Innovation Advisory Board: Mr. Christian Hoheisel, Attorney-at-Law for Tax Law, Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Dr. Türk, Dorfmüller, Hoheisel & Trebinger, Cologne, Germany

The sales tax identification number of the RE/STAR Real Estate Ltd, Cologne, Germany is DE 260407020 (in accordance with articles 22 (1) of the sixth guideline 77/388/EWG, dated May 17, 1977, for the harmonization of the legal specifications regarding sales tax for the member states of the European Community).

The company is insured with an insurance sum of € 1,000,000 (property damage) (professional liability insurance for service companies)

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The company itself operates no businesses in accordance with §34c of the Trade, Commerce and Industry Act. It is a franchise giver.

Exclusive sponsor of "Adopt-A-Minefield" No More Landmines (an international land mine relief organization) With Support by Sir James Paul McCartney, MBE

IHK Industrie -und Handelskammer (Chamber of Commerce) of Cologne, Germany

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