Vision of Success

Independent Proprietor of a Realty Center – The Franchise Success Concept

  1. Your immomaxx® realty center with a top-notch location as a Shop-in-Shop concept with its original Italian Espresso bar is waiting for you. Ask us about the availability of your desired location in your city.
  2. immomaxx® ...a good name brand for real estate. If you become a member of the immomaxx® real estate franchise organization, you will also profit from the high value image and name brand  recognition. We have been nationally registered since 1997 at the German patent office in Munich and have had worldwide registration since 2001 at the WIPO in Geneva.
  3. immomaxx® has been active in the real estate industry for more than 10 years, consistently growing and becoming more widely recognized. Our corporate identity is consistently shown by all members of our organization.
  4. Permanent support from our service headquarters and is available daily from 9 am to 7 pm.
  5. immomaxx® utilizes the most modern technologies available through a terminal server system. All members throughout Europe have accessibility to a joint database containing all real estate objects and interested parties, both nationally & internationally.  Our real estate software "AgentOfficePRO" enables continuous access to all available information anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day.
  6. With its top-notch location, more and more people seeking assistance with real estate visit the immomaxx® realty centers. That means approximately 70 new customer contacts for you, week in, week out.
  7. Networking through cooperation:  All immomaxx® real estate agents, both locally, nationally and internationally, cooperate with all realty centers "together" and not against another.  It does work! Cooperation instead of confrontation. This results in integration into the network by using this successful and tested concept.

Cause and Effect

The lone broker has no future! In the future, real estate agents will be comparable to physicians, lawyers or tax advisers as large office partnerships come together, thereby managing more OBJECTS and more CUSTOMERS! The franchise partner and proprietor of a realtor’s center represents immomaxx® in its regional market. Your main tasks include the recruitment, education and support of the broker teams in your area as well as the management of private and business objects. This creates the prerequisite for the growth of your realtor’s center.  Of course, an additional task is the sale and the leasing of real estate objects.

We want to gain the market share with you!

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