Target Market

Your activities as an immomaxx® franchise partner and proprietor are suited for the following target groups:

As an entrepreneur, you face the question as to whether your venture should be done single-handedly or to put your trust in an established "safety net". An existing, especially promising success principle is known as "franchising", where the business plan is based on a partnership and profit division. The following brief definitions should help you gain a better understanding of what franchising is.


Franchising is a system intended to market products, services or technologies. It is based upon a narrow and continued collaboration between juristically and financially independent businesses. These relationships are designated as franchisor and franchisee.


The franchisor grants the rights to a franchisee to conduct a business based upon a concept and with consideration to given standards. The franchisor brings with him tested and proven know-how that has attained indubitable market successes. Through the inclusion of franchisees, the franchisor is able to develop his business quicker than doing so alone. The framework of a written franchise agreement provides for an enduring support of the franchisee in economical and/or technical issues.


The franchisee obligates himself to the franchisor through utilization of the brand, the know-how, marketing technologies, organization processes, etc. in return for direct or indirect financial compensation. The franchisee can rely on the multiyear experiences of a business which has shown success in its market, through which the establishment of a business can be performed faster and with more certainty. In order to copy a successful pilot business and to appear uniformly in the market, the franchisee must comply with the specifications of the franchisor in complete detail.

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